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How can we sculpt success with purpose?

In the same way gym enthusiasts understand the importance of resistance training to shape and strengthen their bodies, I believe our minds can benefit from a 'logo-regimen' (a term I have just made up) to navigate and comprehend life’s profound mysteries – and less lofty pursuits!

The monumental questions of "Why are we here?" and "What is our purpose?", and some, more granular questions of “Why is my product or offering needed?” and “What will [that] do?”, aren’t just fleeting thoughts but an intrinsic yearning for meaning. Answering these can have a real-world impact on the way we live life and how we do business, successfully.

By delving into Frankl's insights on Logotherapy, I've come to redefine success in three key areas: selling, influencing, and negotiations – some of which we all do in some way, shape, or form. Let’s look at this in practice, inspired by global successes and the power of shared meaning.

Apple’s Core: Crafting Success Beyond The Surface - Selling

Apple’s global appeal isn't rooted just in technological prowess but in its profound understanding of human desires. The “Think Different” campaign from the '90s was a genius marketing move, but what made it timeless was its resonance with our deep desire to be unique, to challenge the status quo, and to make a mark on the world. In sales strategies, we can use a Logotherapy frame to recognise the inherent need of individuals to matter and be treated as individuals. It's not just about selling a product but offering a vision, belongingness, a purpose. Granted, I may be stretching, or even butchering the purity of Logotherapy principles, but I can’t help but see connections here.

What does it mean for us to take time to connect to these deep drives in our customers?

Mandela: Leading with Purpose - Influencing

Nelson Mandela's leadership was a masterclass in influence rooted in existential goals. His emphasis on shared human values over divisive politics made him resonate with different groups globally. Drawing from Mandela's approach, a Logotherpay frame can lead conversations that are centered around universal values and shared aspirations. Influence, when channeled through that lens, becomes a bridge connecting shared yearnings.

What does it take for us to listen and comprehend the highest values in opposing parties?

The Paris Agreement: Envisioning a Shared Future - Negotiating

My final example is the ‘Paris Agreement’ of 2015, transcending environmental protocols to represent a global commitment to safeguarding our shared home. By recognising a more profound, existential concern that went beyond borders, nations rallied together. In negotiations, understanding shared desires (values) is paramount. Highlighting common ground and shared concerns ensures engagement that's both deep and wide. I would suggest this is comfortable Logotherpay territory.

What tangible need(s) can we uncover that are mutually beneficial?

The Mental Gym: Engage, Connect, Thrive

A true understanding of Logotherapy offers an intellectual workout, refining our perspectives and enriching our strategies. Viktor Frankl’s "Man’s Search for Meaning" isn't just a recommended read—it’s an invitation to perceive every interaction with renewed purpose, intentionality, and humility. Authentic success must nurture both the mind, body and the world around us.

I believe that so much of life, with its maze of complexities, can be navigated with profound clarity and purpose when approached through the lens of Logotherapy. Whether in business, leadership, or international collaborations, this shared meaning-driven approach paves the way for resonant success.

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