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and Logotherapy

We are at a point in time where 85% of people say they don't like their jobs, 70% of people will experience trauma in their lifetime, and 25% of people will suffer from mental health problems.

But life can be better!

What I Offer
- work & life -


I work with individuals and teams to identify their strengths, align them with their goals, and improve performance. My techniques blend cutting-edge neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and actionable strategies that foster innovation, collaboration, and resilience.

Logotherapy & Existential Analysis


It is an inevitability that we will face challenges at work/life. We may lose confidence, experience a drop in performance or simply feel out-of-sorts. Logotherapy and Existential Analysis is often referred to as the “third Viennese school of psychotherapy.” It is an evidence-based therapy, directing people toward solutions, helping them align with their values, and living with a sense of purpose. This develops a proactive mindset that drives lasting success.

Trauma & PTSD

There are times when we witness or experience a traumatic event(s). People often experience flashbacks - reliving aspects of the event, having trouble sleeping, feeling on edge, experiencing intrusive thoughts, and may engage in behaviours to avoid feelings and memories. My therapy is research-based that emphasises individuals' resilience and existing resources, facilitating recovery from PTSD. I provide a safe space where individuals can reconstruct their inner world, regain control, and move towards a healthier, brighter future.

Life can be better!

Welcome, my name is Paul Gutteridge.

I have worked with people from all over the world, in business, faith, politics, intelligence, and diplomacy.

As humans, we have come so far and yet we are so often plagued by a sense of internal disquiet - as if something is not quite right, a feeling that 'there must be more to life than this.'


Then there are traumatic events - where many experience flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, and feeling on edge.   

The good news is that combining therapy and coaching helps us live a life with meaning and purpose - having a positive effect on our physical and mental health.

In my coaching and therapy, I provide steps to help people find a path to wholeness - living with purpose, overcoming trauma, and achieving their goals.

I bring a multidisciplined approach being qualified in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, Behavioural Analysis, Investigative Interviewing, Forensic Statement Analysis, and various therapy modalities - combining skill, compassion, and a solution focus.

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