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Paul Gutteridge

Paul Gutteridge



Advancing personal and professional leadership

In my professional journey, I've collaborated with leaders and innovators from various fields including business, faith, politics, intelligence, and diplomacy, around the globe.


This experience has underscored a universal truth: while we've made significant strides in many areas, there's a widespread feeling among many that something is missing—a deeper purpose or fulfillment in their work and life.

The challenges don't stop at internal struggles; events often leave individuals battling with lingering effects.


However, the integration of strategic coaching with elements of therapeutic insight offers a powerful pathway forward. This approach is designed to not only address these challenges but also to harness them as catalysts for growth, leading to improved well-being and productivity.

In my practice, I focus on enabling professionals to discover and align with their true purpose, move beyond any obstacles, and achieve their highest goals.


My method is built on a foundation of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, supplemented by skills in Behavioural Analysis, Investigative Interviewing, and Forensic Statement Analysis, among others.


This blend of expertise allows me to offer solutions that are both compassionate and goal-oriented, helping clients to lead more fulfilling and impactful careers.

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